Get Better Packages By Using The Moviestarplanet Guide


When participating in the online social game, you find some members making faster progress than you.  You too can move at a greater speed by using the online moviestarplanet hack.

Once you are onto the Moviestarplanet, you know how enjoyable the game is. But you can make it more fun to play if you have all the resources required, whenever you want them.  You cannot earn unlimited currency through in-game techniques.  Do not let this discourage you from playing the game. Use the moviestarplanet guide to get currency at a faster rate.

What Is An Easy Way To Earn Currencies?

The Moviestarplanet offers many exciting ways to earn Coins for you. But the best way is to acquire a VIP membership.  You can become a VIP by winning it through participation in the contests or make a payment to buy it.

  • A VIP member earns 25% more fame than a non-VIP member in the Moviestarplanet. As a VIP member, you can create your own club.
  • Another perk that a premium membership entitles you to is that you can earn some amount of Star coins and Diamonds daily. The amount, however, f depends on the type of VIP package you have.
  • If you have not been able to become a VIP, use the moviestarplanet The trick tool helps you to purchase the membership and get all the perks related to it.

What Are the Various Packages available Of VIP Membership?

The game MovieStarPlanet offers twelve different kinds of packages for VIP membership. With so much variety any one can buy a package according to the availability of resources and reach the pinnacle of fame in the gaming world.

  • You get three categories of VIP membership in the game. And each type is available in four types of packages. How long you remain an active VIP member depends on the kind of package you purchase.
  • You may decide to get a package for a month or only a week. Again, three months package and one-year packages are also available. The various packages offer different benefits for you.
  • If you are a moviestarplanet vip, the packages get you some or all the advantages that the packages provide. You can get more Fame, Star coins, Diamonds, spin the Star coin Wheel more number of times and daily resources.


How Many Coins Do The Packages Get You?

The packages and the category of the VIP membership together decide the number of resources you can get. Here are some insights into the benefits of different packages.

  • If you have a regular VIP member, with a one-month recurring payment plan, you get an extra trunk of 1900 Starcoins and 14 Diamonds, whenever you renew your account.
  • If you are an Elite VIP, the same one month plan gets you an extra Starcoins amounting to 2300 and 16 Diamonds on renewal. On renewal of the one month package as a Star VIP member, you get 3000 Starcoins and 22 diamonds.
  • If you want to get these benefits, access the msp vip guide and get resources to upgrade your VIP membership now.

Do VIP Members Enjoy A Higher Status?

The Moviestarplanet game offers a special status to players who are a VIP member.  If you buy a membership for three months, the game awards you a Jury status.  Players who have six months membership earn the Judge status in the game.  If you are a jury or a Judge, you can vote in a competition.

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